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From eBay to eternity:
How one rundown caravan became bigger than Jesus
(for one Easter anyway).

1980 Ci Europa 4 Berth caravan Condition:Used “Interior intact no damp. Skylight needs repair. It’s 40 years old so don’t be expecting miracles” 

The story of the vintage caravan that stole 100,000s hearts on eBay…What started as a disgruntled sale of a rundown caravan, turned into an overnight sensation as Mike (‘contraceptive personality’) shared tales of mum Sylv (GILF), sisters (Emigrant and Anti-Hoarder) and, of course, Dead Dad Dave who inspired the sale in the first place to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.
This original eBay posting has been immortalised in an 80s style scrapbook, the perfect addition to any coffee table or downstairs toilet.
So we invite you to relive the joy and hilarity that kept us riveted last Easter, and follow the journey of this beloved antiquity since its purchase by the overly enthusiastic southern lady from